Board Resolution Approving Compensation for Board of Directors Template

Template: Board Resolution Approving Compensation for Board of Directors Template

What is a Board Resolution Approving Compensation for Board of Directors Template? Growing companies have growing needs. New trends are developing as smaller companies looking for rapid expansion bring on experienced mentors to fill the Board of Director positions. And to attract top mentors….you need compensation. As to how various size companies are paying their boards […]


How to become an Affiliate for Business Growth Network?

Welcome and thank you for your interest in being an Affiliate for the Business Growth Network. Our affiliate system is a powerful, simple tool that allows you to profit when you promote our products to your audience. Below is information that will help you get the most out of your Affiliate Center for the Business Growth […]


The Secrets To Captivating Confidence – Featuring Todd Thomas!

During this powerful, interactive session Todd will help attendees understand and avoid 3 Costly Mistakes That Keep You From Winning and Mastering the Confidence Game.   Todd Thomas, The Confidence Master, has been coaching and training high performance professionals for over 15 years. Through his extensive experience he has created proven and unique systems that […]


fiverr for Business – Featuring Jena Apgar!

During this  interactive session Jena will explain from the   Buyer Side:   How to maximize your output by outsourcing your needs to fiverrsellers and what to look out for.   Plus answer a lot of the general questions you have about using fiverr.   and from the Seller Side:   How she generated over $5,000 in […]


Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi, Jena Apgar of Warfare Marketing and Business Growth Network here. I believe in transparency on the web, and so I want to be upfront and disclose that some of the products and services on this website or its related products and services may contain affiliate links. That is, we may earn an affiliate commission […]


Relationships are Your True Wealth – Featuring Jason Treu

During this inspirational and provocative session, Jason will explore: • How to find your business purpose and vision when you’re lost • How to unlock ultimate success through your relationships • The secrets to working a room to create extraordinary relationships • Why creativity is the key to your innovation AND • Why people get stuck personally or professionally Jason […]