The Only 3 Ways to Increase Revenues in Your Business – Featuring Jena Apgar!

Understanding Customer Value Optimization is the key to exponentially growing your business in 2017.  Rapid, profitable business growth is the utopia that every business owner dreams of but very few achieve because this dream requires predictable, repeatable sales.  During this fast-paced provocative workshop we will start there but deliver so much more.
Attendees will walk out understanding
• How to set up your business for consistent sales growth using often-overlooked basics to put your sales activities on turbo.
• How to build a successful retention strategy that begins before you even have your first client and keeps them coming back for the long term.
• The ONE KEY “DO NOT DO” activity that we all do today.
Jena Apgar is the Owner and Chief Digital Marketing Warfare Strategist of Warfare Marketing a Veteran owned, Profit Driven Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency for small to mid-sized firms. Warfare Marketing is focused on bringing in qualified leads and sales that drive the bottom line. As a Social Media Strategist & Thought Leader, Jena works with entrepreneurs to build marketing plans, consult on strategy and train and setup their company to handle the marketing essential to their on-going success.
Jena is also co-founder of the Business Growth Networka non-profit network of aspiring leaders seeking Business Growth Through Networking, Vision and Planning!

About the author

Jena Apgar

Digital Marketing Warfare Specialist, owner of Brand Dot Blog & Co-Founder of Business Growth Network. Mom of 3 + 1 Lawyer husband. Former USAF spook & Interior Designer. Easily baited with dark chocolate and a Venti Chai Tea Latte 8 pumps whole milk...HOT!