How to become an Affiliate for Business Growth Network?

Welcome and thank you for your interest in being an Affiliate for the Business Growth Network. Our affiliate system is a powerful, simple tool that allows you to profit when you promote our products to your audience.

Below is information that will help you get the most out of your Affiliate Center for the Business Growth Network.

Let’s start by getting you signed up, and approved in our system….

1) Affiliate Signup and Approval for Business Growth Network

In order for you to sign up to be an Affiliates, you must first sign up for our program. You can find our Signup Page here: This one affiliate signup works for all of the Warfare Marketing, Inc.’s properties including Warfare Marketing, MomBoss.Club and Business Growth Network.

Once you visit this page, you will be required to fill out the following form to be approved.

Affiliate signup for Business Growth Network

Once you fill out and submit this form, you will be in our system so we can grant approval to maintain high quality standards.

Upon completion, we will receive a notification and you will be added to an email list to receive information on campaigns, swipe files and copy and other information regarding your affiliate status.

2) Creating Media Links & Emails Fast for Your Affiliate Links

In addition to emails, inside of the Kartra platform we utilize to manage our affiliates you will find all of your Affiliate Links & Emails that we create for you to put out fast content.

We utilize what are called Cookies to give credit to the right affiliate

Each time someone clicks on an affiliate link, a cookie is created on their browser. That cookie will follow that visitor around the web for 180 days (as of December 2017). This is subject to change, but if you are going to take the time to promote Business Growth Network and the Warfare Marketing products, we feel it only fair to give credit where credit is due.

Anytime that visitor you send hits one of our checkout pages, our checkout page looks for the cookie, and provides the right affiliate credit for that order so you get paid.

So you can use links & emails that send visitors to any page on the web (not just our checkout pages)! Blog posts, landing pages, webinar registration pages, sales pages, and everything in between. If you are using one of our affiliate links – it gets tracked all around the web.

3) Commission Structure & Affiliate Payouts

Do to the nature of each product we sell, the margin, and other factors, not all affiliate payouts are the same on all products. You can see the payout rate inside your dashboard here:

Some typical payouts:

  1. Business Growth Network standard, month to month, BGNInsider membership is 33% on a $17 per month membership or about $5.60 for you per month per member you put into the system.
  2. Business Growth Network yearly account post summit, BGNInsider membership is 50% on a $97 upfront fee for one year with a reoccurring $17 per month membership after the first year or about $48.50 for the first year total with $8.50 for you per month per member thereafter the first year.
  3. Inside the affiliate dashboard is also a “JV Referral Link”. This is for you to invite other referral partners and you will receive a portion of all sales they make.


Percentage = 50%: Affiliates earn 50% of this product’s sale price. Meaning a $50.00 product will earn an affiliate $25.00 in commission.

Flat Rate = $5.00: Affiliates earn $5.00 in commission anytime this product is sold. Meaning regardless of what this product costs, your affiliate will earn $5.00 in commission.

4) The Affiliate Center Dashboard

At any point you can log into your affiliate dashboard and see your product links, swipe file, payout information and check your optimization….links per conversion:

FAQs for the Business Growth Network Affiliate Program

Q: What happens when an order is refunded?

A: Anytime an item is refunded to a customer or client, any commissions for that item are deducted from the Affiliate’s Ledger. So you’re only payed for products that stay sold!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Support

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