Exploiting Evernote for Business High Performance

By Jena Apgar / a couple of years ago
Exploiting Evernote for Business High Performance

Exploiting Evernote for Business High Performance – Featuring Jena Apgar of Brand Dot Blog. Learn the benefits and uses of the Evernote application for business use.

As sales professionals, small business owners and solopreneurs you can find your time maxed out. How are other brands and companies leveraging their time with social media marketing without hiring out a full marketing team?  The answer is Applications and today we’ll focus on Evernote!

In this Dynamic 30 minute lunch you’ll learn:

  • How to use the basic (free) features of Evernote
  • How to plan, create, and share your content with partners and teammates
  • How to keep it all together so you are not constantly recreating the wheel

Evernote Link: http://bit.ly/2eCjJTy
CRM mentioned, ActiveCampaign: http://bit.ly/1VY04P7
The Toolbox Link: http://branddotblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/ToolBox.pdf

About Jena Apgar of Brand Dot Blog:

Jena Apgar is a Social Media & Digital Marketing Maven. She is the Founder of Brand Dot Blog – a Veteran owned, Profit Driven Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency for small to mid-sized firms. Brand Dot Blog is focused on bringing in qualified leads and sales that drive the bottom line. As a Social Media Strategist & Thought Leader, Jena works with entrepreneurs to build marketing plans, consult on strategy and train and setup their company to handle the marketing essential to their on-going success.

Where was this Evernote for Business Training held originally?

This Facebook Live training was done at the Richardson/Plano Networkers Friday Meeting on October 21st, 2016. What is that? A fun group of integrity minded business people who are looking to network, build relationships and share leads/referrals and introductions… and to be each other’s eyes and ears out there in the marketplace!

If you are in the Greater Dallas Area, Please RSVP for the next Friday lunch! We would love to meet you! David and I are often there. If you have any questions, please contact one of the organizers.

If not…

We want you in our online business success group!

We want you to have the tools and the vision to get to where YOU want to be. Get the regular training you need to get your business off the ground and growing successfully. Bad news is you have to do the work to make it happen. Great news is that you get to check the training and the membership for only $2. Get started here: https://businessgrowthnetwork.org/bgninsiders

How do you use Evernote for Business? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jena Apgar

Digital Marketing Warfare Specialist, owner of Brand Dot Blog & Co-Founder of Business Growth Network. Mom of 3 + 1 Lawyer husband. Former USAF spook & Interior Designer. Easily baited with dark chocolate and a Venti Chai Tea Latte 8 pumps whole milk...HOT!