Featured BGNInsider: Randolph Sablich the Business Development Manager

By Jena Apgar / 7 months ago

Randolph Sablich has been helping businesses grow for over 40 years. He was a natural choice to feature in this weeks membership spotlight. He understands what separates a good proposal from a great proposal is how well it reflects the customer’s perspective.

At meetings each week, he will meticulously guide members and teams through the entire lead nurturing process, identifying potential growth areas and revenue streams.

Armed with a deep understanding of what matters most to you and your customers, RSablich & Associates has what it takes to help you grow.

As a consulting firm that specializes in business turn-arounds and business growth implementation, Randy maintains a career–long track record of identifying and developing new revenue streams and profits.

But all seriousness aside….we had a chance to sit down with Randy and ask some hard hitting questions!

If I were a Super Hero, what would my super power be?

I already am a super hero. I can fix things and solve problems that so often mere mortals have difficulty with. Not so much that it is a “super power”, but when people are working in their business, that old adage of “can’t see the forest from the trees” applies.

I can see the whole picture as well as what is wrong, and ‘where’s Waldo’ in their business. Having this “power” enables me to solve problems that have troubled them for some time.

What song do I crank up when I need a boost, or celebrating a business (or personal victory)?

I am a classical music person, so when I truly need to be motivated or want to celebrate , I turn on Carmina Burana, by Carl Orff. Classical lover or not, that will get anyone’s juices flowing.

Best book I have read this year?

I always seem to have several books “being read” at the same time, and often never finish. The most relevant book I have almost finished is Content First Marketing, by a local authority, John Arnott. He espouses much of what Warfare Marketing teaches, but focuses more on the Content side. I was taught that “Content is King”, in proposals, in Sales, in Business Development, and in Marketing, so I identify with the book closely.

What areas of my business could I use help with?

As a Business Consultant, either independently or as part of the Texas Consilium, the hardest part is finding people (companies) who recognize they need help and are willing to actually do something about it. Business owners or Executives often can be procrastinators, and also fear admitting failure is bad, so they try to fix things themselves. I believe that I know what I know, and I know what I don’t know; so for example, if I find a client and they really need accounting help, I will find a great financial consultant or member of the Consilium that is just right for them. How to make that happen is often more by referral or introduction, and that takes either time or chance.

Apple or PC and why?

That’s easy, PC. Actually , I started with an Apple IIe many years ago. Then a Radio Shack TRS 80, a DEC Rainbow, and finally an IBM PC. I like the PC because of its power to do the things I want it to do. I do not play games on my PC, never have. I see it as a powerful tool to help business. The powerful software options and increasing speed and ease of use, makes it an essential tool. Being able to easily move documents and files from one person or company to another is critical to good communications. Need I say more?

Favorite Social Media Network for Business?

If you are talking electronic social media, I would clearly vote for LinkedIn. But it is not really a good communication tool, but a way to start a communication, verify the type of individual or company you are connecting to and hopefully strike up a real conversation via phone or face to face.

Ultimately, the best communication tool is speaking with someone face to face. At an event, a meeting, or over coffee or a meal.

What hidden talent do I have?

If it is hidden, how would I know about it? Besides being able to play the piano (not very well any more), I am good at helping people think through life’s problems, explore their options, challenge them to think harder and not give up, and keep them motivated. I only do this with close friends with whom we have a mutual trust.

What is Your Elevator Pitch?

Elevator Pitch. God do I hate that term. Most simply said, I fix things. I see solutions where others can see only problems. I use the diagnostic skills I was taught in engineering school to decompose problems, develop and test solutions, and fix and implement them. Whether it is a business turn around, seeking and entering a new market, or repositioning a company with new technology, I have been successful in achieving what I or others have asked me to do.

You can find out more about Randy Sablich at: http://www.rsablich.com or on Linkedin where the professionals hang out at https://www.linkedin.com/in/randolphsablich/.

And Randy is a regular at our Monday meetings from 10-11am!

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