fiverr for Business – Featuring Jena Apgar!

During this  interactive session Jena will explain from the
Buyer Side:
How to maximize your output by outsourcing your needs to fiverrsellers and what to look out for.
Plus answer a lot of the general questions you have about using fiverr.
and from the Seller Side:
How she generated over $5,000 in revenue (after fees) sitting on her phone while feeding a newborn and rolled that into a thriving business that afforded me the ability to put 2 small children in an expensive motessori and launch a full Marketing Agency.
Jena Apgar is a Social Media & Digital Marketing Maven.  She is the Founder of Brand Dot Blog a Veteran owned, Profit Driven Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency for small to mid-sized firms. Brand Dot Blog is focused on bringing in qualified leads and sales that drive the bottom line. As a Social Media Strategist & Thought Leader, Jena works with entrepreneurs to build marketing plans, consult on strategy and train and setup their company to handle the marketing essential to their on-going success. 

Jena with Dave Roberts is also co-founder of the Business Growth Network a non-profit network of aspiring leaders seeking Business Growth Through Networking, Vision and Planning!

About the author

Jena Apgar

Digital Marketing Warfare Specialist, owner of Brand Dot Blog & Co-Founder of Business Growth Network. Mom of 3 + 1 Lawyer husband. Former USAF spook & Interior Designer. Easily baited with dark chocolate and a Venti Chai Tea Latte 8 pumps whole milk...HOT!