How to Know What You Want to Be When You Grow Up – Featuring Dave Roberts!

Have you arrived or all you still trying to figure out “what you want to be when you grow up?”  Has your book been written or does your story have more chapters?  As an aspiring leader we often get trapped in our day-to-day, our license to operate and find ourselves wanting break out!
In the 2017 Vision Challenge on Day 2 we ask the question “if anything were possible what kind of future could you imagine?” Unfortunately, this is NOT an easy question to answer even when you break it down so this provocative training will give attendees some simple steps to discovering (or rediscovering) “What You Want to Be When you Grow Up!”
Dave Roberts has been the driving force behind the growth and transformation of numerous organizations throughout his career.  As Founder and CEO of Roberts High Performance, LLC he leads the development of a multi-faceted business development, consulting, and marketing company focused on business development by “connecting the dots” and delivering high performance and strategic transformation to organizations across all industries of all sizes (Fortune 50, to Churches, schools, small businesses and individuals).

Dave Roberts is also co-founder with of the Business Growth Networka non-profit network of aspiring leaders seeking Business Growth Through Networking, Vision and Planning!

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