How to Lower Your 2016 Taxes

By Jena Apgar / a couple of years ago
How to Lower Your 2016 Taxes

Can you imagine a situation where pay no 2016 taxes? So maybe that is a stretch, but join us through Facebook Live as Steve teaches you how to make your 2016 tax filing season a great experience. During this dynamic, educational and inspiring working session you will:

  • have simple strategies to reduce your 2016 tax obligations whether you are an individual, sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation.
  • walk out with a handout that will simplify your preparation for 2016 taxes.

Steve Schlichting is the owner of The Schlichting Group where he started over 15 years ago at an entry level and worked his way all the way to President. Steve has also been a loan originator, loan processor, and part time sales assistant and ready to work on your 2106 taxes now. In addition to The Schlichting Group he has worked for Huntington home builders, MET International and Texas Instruments.

This Facebook Live training was done at the Richardson/Plano Networkers Friday Meeting on October 14th, 2016. What is that? A fun group of integrity minded business people who are looking to network, build relationships and share leads/referrals and introductions… and to be each other’s eyes and ears out there in the marketplace!

If you are in the Greater Dallas Area, Please RSVP for the next Friday lunch! We would love to meet you! David and I are often there. If you have any questions, please contact one of the organizers.

If not…

We want you in our online business success group!

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