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What if Your Start (or Restart) Could Guarantee Your Business Success? Answer: It Can!

By Jena Apgar / a couple of years ago

Do you have a desire to start and achieve business success? Are you aspiring to take your company to the next level? Chances are you are struggling with where to begin. Are you asking yourself “what is the first thing I need to do?” How do you avoid missteps and wasted time and money?

If you seek advice, most highly paid consultants and traditional experts will advise you to assess your past performance identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Then they would recommend that you look at your present situation and define opportunities and threats that will reveal a course of action that will enable you to move forward successfully and confidently.

Have you gotten that advice?

If you’ve ever sought to develop a business plan or transform your current business chances are you have either:

  1. Spent a lot of time and money executing that advice only to realize that you are still chasing an elusive answer or
  2. You have become paralyzed with the massive list of next steps, expected time and money required to move forward.

The reason you’re not achieving your vision is because you’re starting incorrectly!

Starting or transforming a business without having a complete and clear vision of your future is like getting into the car to go out to dinner without even knowing what your desired experience would look like.  You’ll most likely end up settling for a venue that you’ve enjoyed in the pass and although it may be even better than you remembered it most certainly will fall short of your dream night out!

So, if you were expecting to have the best and most transforming meal of your life, it is highly unlikely that you will have that experience. In fact, I would submit that it’s ridiculous to even have that expectation with only your past experience and a navigation system to guide you. But, let’s assume that you imagined the kind of food, drink, service and atmosphere that would create that perfect night out and proceeded to get your dining partner’s alignment with your vision. The chances of success increase exponentially.

How much more ridiculous is it to assume you could start a new business or embark on a journey of transforming your business with just your past experience and an idea of current opportunities?  Without clearly and completely envisioning or re-envisioning your desired future you are again doomed to disappointment and frustration.  Yet that is precisely what I find many (if not most) aspirational leaders doing.

So what if your business vision was as clear and real as if you were standing in it? What if you could actually see how you dealt with millennials, mobility, cloud computing, genomics, big data, cyber security, geopolitics, global connectivity, the internet of things, and mass market movements? All of the significant and exponential changes making our past experience obsolete and clouding our view of the future.

What if you could see how you overcame barriers to your vision of a transformational future and exponential success? Barriers like your history, your failures, your competition, even your historical success, and your current perception of your value? What if this collection of confusing and seemingly disconnected collection of dots, the seemingly impossible to envision future along with the bridge back to today were visible and clearly defined?

That complete and clear picture of your desired future IS the start that can ensure your success. So, what are the components that define the picture? Well as you may have guessed, it’s NOT your historical strengths and weaknesses combined with current opportunities and threats informed by current/historical best practices!

That complete and clear picture is NOT a mechanical, intellectual exercise of planning a course forward into an exponentially changing future. Instead, that picture begins with the heart… your passion… that yet unimagined dream of what might be if anything were possible.

We call this The Vision Challenge and the intent this challenge is to move us to a place where we can truly answer the question, “if anything were possible, what kind of future could I imagine?” So where do we begin?

The next session begins January 2nd, 2017 and you can sign up below:

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Obviously YOU are the beginning and the end of your story. Everything else becomes part of your vision – that complete and clear picture. The pieces of that picture will include your desired beliefs, ideas, and knowledge. Your physical body, health, personality, talents, emotions, and strengths will also be in the picture. Your connection to a higher source, love and yourself must be envisioned along with your relationships with family, friends, close colleagues.

You are the beginning and the end of your story by David Roberts

Clearly understanding and including your community, strategic partners and customers in the picture as well as your home, office, technology and finally your geography and environmental surrounding will enable you to complete the business success picture.

In future posts we will discuss other aspects to business success: vision alignment, the transformational journey and how to intentionally design your business and create the future of your dreams.

But first, let’s get you into the Vision Challenge today! A simple, but highly effective, 10 Day email challenge designed to push your goals, hopes and dreams onto paper creating a vision, a definable goal for your business. From determining the heart of what moves you, your ideal client to your personal story and transformations, you will have a clear vision moving forward for the next 12 months.

You might be asking yourself why this is not an ongoing event? Simple, because we want to be able to be there for you through the process. We want everyone working together as a team in one place. The Facebook Group was specifically designated exclusively for Vision Challengers to help and support one another in a cohesive network. Because we are greater as a team. Because networks of people can accomplish what may otherwise seem impossible.

We want you in our business success group!

We want you to have the tools and the vision to get to where YOU want to be.

Typically, this business success process has been made available only to large corporations who could afford to bring in $100,000 Global Transformation Consulting teams. We have formatted and simplified the process down to 10 emails across 10 business days – no weekends.  Save your seat for the very first round made to the public today. Lets get you in…

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